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Your business relies and depends on you to move forward. You need to devote your resources to developing, growing and expanding your business, but you also need useful financial information to determine your sales and marketing strategies.

That's Where Zlotnick & Sandoval Come In

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Zlotnick & Sandoval can provide services tailored to your level of need. We provide bookkeeping and accounting services which include monthly and quarterly accounting services, accounts payable, payroll services, quarterly and annual payroll tax filing, gross receipts tax reporting, and Quickbooks consulting. We also offer financial statement compilation, review, and business consulting to assist with management of your business. If you maintain your financial records in-house, we can oversee the work and review your records on a periodic basis to insure accuracy and reliability. We can help you maintain the financial information you need to keep your business moving forward.

Audit and Assurance Services

With over fifty years performing Audits, Reviews, and Compilations, Zlotnick & Sandoval understands the importance of providing financial statements with a high level of assurance and accuracy.

Outside parties such as investors, creditors, lenders and regulatory agencies often require financial statements to be reviewed by a qualified CPA who verifies its accuracy.

We perform audits of business, not-for-profit, and state government entities and can provide the timely and quality level of assurance you need that fits your situation. The partners are intimately involved with the project from start to finish. We go beyond simply delivering an end product, and want to help you create internal procedures and quality control procedures which are stronger and will improve profitability and efficiency.

Audit & Assurance

Need Help Figuring Out What To File?

Our talented team of CPA's, Assistants, and Business Professionals are just a phone call or email away. Just ask & we'll point you in the right direction.

Non-Profit Accounting

Non-Profit Accounting

As a Non-Profit organization, we know your mission is unique and that you work for a cause that you believe in. Funding often is based on your ability to serve that cause and most especially by your ability to efficiently and effectively use your funding.

We understand what your stakeholders are looking for. Donors, board members, and regulatory agencies are just a few of the stakeholders to whom your financial statements need to be available and transparent.

Zlotnick & Sandoval is dedicated to providing you assistance which surpasses basic accounting services. We are proactive in seeking and providing financial solutions and advice to help you make the most of your board and donor relationships.

Fraud & Internal Control

Fraud & Internal Control Consulting

The integrity and vitality of your business depends on the strength of your internal accounting controls. The effects of fraud on your business can be devastating.

Zlotnick & Sandoval understand what processes and procedures can be implemented to strengthen your company’s internal control and we can help investigate fraud if it happens. We can help you evaluate your internal accounting system strengths and weaknesses and help you implement procedures to fortify your accounting system. These protective measures can help minimize the risk of errors and/or theft and increase the chances of identifying errors and/or theft in a timely manner if they do occur.


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